Koszty energii geotermalnej

Jakie są koszty energii geotermalnej?

How much does a geothermal power plant cost?

"According to studies, an economically competitive geothermal power plant can cost as low as $3400 per kilowatt installed. (1) While the cost of a new geothermal power plant is higher than that of a comparable natural gas facility, in the long run the two are similar over time. This is because natural gas construction costs account for only one third of the total price of the facility, while the cost of the fuel at a natural gas facility represents two thirds of the cost. The initial construction costs of a geothermal facility, in contrast, represent two thirds or more of total costs. So although initial investment is high for geothermal, natural gas and geothermal are still economically comparable over a long term." więcej...

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The cost of geothermal energy

"The cost of geothermal energy can be extremely low depending on how you approach the use of this free renewable energy. Geothermal energy is heat contained within the earth, and there are a number of ways in which we can use this energy.
The most powerful method of harnessing the free geothermal energy is through the use of a geothermal power plant. The second method which is used on a much wider scale is through the use of underground pipes in an attempt to extract heat energy." więcej...

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